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About me

A competent electronic engineer with a comprehensive knowledge of project management, a strong background and and with a consistent track record of successfully completed projects from the concept through implementation, testing and handover.

My Research

My research interests include studies of solid-state radiation sensors used in the modern high energy physic experiments as well as the development and installation of new optoelectronic systems for the data transfer between the front-end and the DAQ.

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My Curriculum

  1. Electronic Engineering Degree
  2. Ph.D in Applied Physic .
  3. Scientific associate at INFN.
  4. Member of CMS Collaboration at CERN.

Latest entries

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  • energy loss bethe block
    Energy loss

    Energy loss of ionizing particles in thin silicon layers.

  • cmos aps sensor
    APS sensors

    Active pixel sensors for the detection of ionizing particles.

  • cmos vs ccd
    CCD vs CMOS

    CMOS Active Pixel Sensor vs CCD. Performance Comparison.

  • silicon wafer
    Radiation damage

    Radiation damage for silicon detectors.

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