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CMS Cooling Box

  2. 06 June 2012


The cooling box offers space for four CMS silicon modules.

The temperature within the volume that contains the modules is adjusted by use of four water cooled, high-performance Peltier elements. To lower the humidity, Nitrogen is provided to the cooling box through two flow regulators - one with a high flow rate and one with a low flow rate. The first is only used at the beginning of the test while the second is constantly open during the test to maintain a low humidity in the cooling box.

The Peltier elements and the N2 flow regulators are connected to controller channels of a "JUMO Imago 500" process and program controller.

The temperature is measured with a Platinum resistance thermometer (Pt-100) connected to the controller. Two program channels are allocated to regulate either heating or cooling. The communication between the controller and the PC is established with an RS422/485 serial interface (using Modbus protocol).


cooling box cooling box


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  1. 19 May 2012

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