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  1. By Stefano Meroli
  2. 25 April 2012


Stefano Meroli



Date and place of birth

Gaeta (Latina, Italy), 12/10/1984

Title of qualification awarded

Master Degree with honors in Electronic Engineering
Ph.D. degree in Experimental Particle Physics

Current position

Electronic Engineer, Cabling and Optical Fibres, Engineering Department, CERN

Past experiences

Scientific associate at INFN
Member of CMS Collaboration at CERN

Technical Knowledge

  • Experience in the design of electronic and optoelectronic board, from the schematics design up to the realization and integration of the PCB.
    Ability to realize fully automated acquisition setup (Matlab/Simulink or Labview), speeding up tests and any other operation.
    Experience of programming logic devices as microcontrollers and PLC and of writing their firmware.
    Testing the reliability of silicon devices (i.e. radiation sensors) using laser, x-ray and charge particles.
    Testing and qualification of optoelectronic device for high data-rate communications.
    Preparation of mechanical supports for high-precision setups (SolidWorks).
    Simulation and optimization of typical process present in the realization of semiconductor devices (Sentaurus).
    Able to perform accurate and complex data-analysis (Matlab / C++) also using cloud computing infrastructures.
    Considerable expertise in statistical and numerical data analysis using Matlab.


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Contact details

Stefano Meroli


  1. Via Enrico Toti, 04020, Itri, Italy
  2. (0039) 3391311841
  3. (0039) 0755852793
  4. stefano.meroli@cern.ch
  5. www.cern.ch/meroli