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My name is Stefano and welcome in my page ..


My Curriculum

  1. Electronic Engineer Degree
  2. Phd Student at University of Perugia.
  3. Scientific associate at INFN.
  4. Member of CMS Collaboration at CERN.
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My Research

  1. Active Pixel Sensor.
  2. CMS Pixel Detector.
  3. HEP Electronical Devices.
  4. Simulation of Silicon Devices.
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Latest entries

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  • energy loss bethe block
    Energy loss

    Energy loss of ionizing particles in thin silicon layers.

  • cmos aps sensor
    APS sensors

    Active pixel sensors for the detection of ionizing particles.

  • cmos vs ccd
    CCD vs CMOS

    CMOS Active Pixel Sensor vs CCD. Performance Comparison.

  • silicon wafer
    Radiation damage

    Radiation damage for silicon detectors.

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