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Stefano Meroli from CERN in Geneva to a movie with Obama, Dalai Lama and Spielberg

  1. 09 Novembre 2014

Only two years ago, he had landed at CERN in Geneva, with his engineering degree and a doctorate in physics successfully completed. Now, already reached a management position of great importance, Stefano Meroli from Itri, has been also gratified by another prestigious success in his professional carrier. The young scientist has been involved in the production of the movie "People changing our world - Poles.

In this movie different characters of the past and present (for example Pope John Paul II or Marie Curie, scientist, twice Nobel Prize winner) who have contributed significantly to change our world.

To introduce these characters and explain their importance have been  invited and interviewed various personalities including Stefano Meroli.

stefano meroli cern movie


An outstanding cast was part of the movie: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, President Barack Obama, the former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, prof. Zbigniew Brzezinski, dr Bill Barry /NASA/, prof. John Addison /University Berkeley/, the director of the Vatican Museums Antonio Paolucci, UEFA President Michel Platini, mountaineer Reinhold Messner, director Steven Spielberg, violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, pianist Yundi Li, designer Anna Sui, artists Paul St George, Alain Le Quernec, prof. Wing Nang Leung – director School of Chinese Medicine at the Chinese University in Hong Kong, a Turkish researcher – dr Hacer Topaktaş, managing director ARRI – Franz Kraus, just to name a few, as can be seen from the brochure where he appears in "good company."

Stefano Meroli, whose experiences at CERN led him to approach the electronic world, spoke about fathers of this discipline, about those people who have made possible the famous "Electronic Revolution" and allowed the computer to spread  in all the houses. A TV crew came to his office at CERN to interview him.

stefano meroli


In October there was the International Premiere in Warsaw when, after the invitation extended to family members, Stefano  went with her sisters Eleanor (left in photo) and Arianna. Soon the movie will be shown in other cities including Rome, New York, Washington, Hong Kong and Sydney. Following will be transmitted in many international TV including RAI.

eleonora arianna e stefano meroli


Laconic in the comments the shy Italian scientist: "What can I say? It 'was a great experience and I am very proud of it! Be near to these great characters gratifies me and proves how the work, especially when it's done with passion and dedication, always pays off! "


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