With 5G networks rolling out around the world, engineers are turning their attention to its next incarnation: the 6G!!

But why 6G will be a new big game changer and how it can revolutionize the world where we live?

Much of what makes the future 5G so great is its low latency of just 4 ms, but 6G networks might bring this eventually down to the point that there’s virtually zero latency, enabling unlimited and instant wireless connectivity.

6G will be a sixth sense experience for humans and machines. A strong bridge which will finally bond together Biology and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence will be the main driver of mobile technology and the 6G will be the enabling force behind an entirely new generation of applications shaping the communication networks of the future.

6G will enable rapidly collaborations on vast scales between intelligent agents solving intricate challenges on the fly and finding solutions to complex problems where massive connectivity, large data volumes and ultra low-latency will be essential.

As we’ve seen in the past with 3G, 4G, and 5G, as the capacity of a network increases, new applications will pop up. Applications that before were unimaginable. This will cause an amazing effect where new products and services will be built to utilize 6G’s bandwidth and other improved features to their fullest extents. Video calls can be for the first time as crystal clear as standing right in front of the other person.

A new world is in front of us. A new world where large amounts of date are processed on real-time to join together millions of people and devices, all connected to the same big AI network.


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