All my scientific publications: 

25th April 2012

Characterization of CMOS Active Pixel Sensors for particle detection: Beam test of the four sensors RAPS03 stacked system

25th April 2012

A grazing angle technique to measure the charge collection efficiency for CMOS Active Pixel Sensor

25th April 2012

Tilted CMOS Active Pixel sensors for particle track reconstruction

25th April 2012

Beam test results for the RAPS03 non-epitaxial CMOS Active Pixel Sensor

9th April 2008

Development of pixel and micro-strip sensors on radiation tolerant substrates for the tracker upgrade at SLHC

25th April 2012

A 5 Gb/s Radiation Tolerant Laser Driver in CMOS 0.13 um technology

25th April 2012

Analysis of 3D stacked fully functional CMOS Active Pixel Sensor detectors

25th April 2012

Design of a Monolithic Momentum Detector using a 3D IC Vertical Integration Approach

25th April 2012

A combined approach to the simulation of ionizing radiation effects in silicon devices

25th April 2012

Development of a Laser Driver test setup for SLHC experiments

25th April 2012

Use of a standard CMOS imager as position detector for charged particles

25th April 2012

Energy loss measurement for charged particles in very thin silicon layers

25th April 2012

Multilayer CMOS APS sensors integrated in CMOS vertical scale technology (3D) for particle detection

18th September 2012

3D monolithically stacked CMOS active pixel sensor detectors for particle tracking applications

23rd September 2012

Measurement of charge collection efficiency profiles of CMOS active pixel sensors

4th December 2012

CMS Technical Design Report for the Pixel Detector Upgrade

22nd February 2012

Silicon pixel detectors for high precision measurements

22nd February 2012

The calibration of a pixel sensor using both fluorescence and transmitted X-ray photons

24th March 2013

Vertically Integrated CMOS Active Pixel Sensors for Tracking Applications in HEP Experiments

24th July 2013

The management of large cabling campaigns during the Long Shutdown 1 of LHC

16th August 2013

Analysis of the performance of CMOS APS imagers after proton damage

31st January 2014

Measurement of submicrometric intrinsic spatial resolution for active pixel sensors

24th August 2014

Monitoring of cabling activities during the LHC LS1

30th May 2015

Interaction of radiation with matter: from the theory to the measurements

22nd Jul 2017

A New Optical Fibre Infrastructure for the Project “Second Network Hub” at CERN