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25th April 2012

The Landau distribution for ionizing particles

25th April 2012

The Minority Carrier Lifetime in Silicon Wafer. Bulk and Surface recombination process.

29th April 2018

Dark energy and the first modern cosmological model.

25th April 2012

The interaction of photons with the matter.

25th April 2012

Multiple scattering for particles in the matter.

19th December 20127

Radiation damage for silicon detectors

25th April 2012

Spatial resolution in detection of ionizing particles for silicon sensors

25th April 2012

Active Pixel Sensors (APS) for the detection of ionizing particles.

25th April 2012

CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Vs CCD. Performance comparison

25th April 2012

Noise analysis of particle sensors and pixel detectors

25th April 2012

CMOS Active Pixel Sensor with and without epitaxial layer

25th April 2012

Diamond sensors for particle detector applications.

25th April 2012

Two growth techniques for mono-crystalline silicon: Czochralski vs Float Zone

25th April 2012

The cross section for silicon particle detector

25th April 2012

Vertical Scale Integration for pixel detectors

25th April 2012

Energy for charge carrier generation in semiconductor material

12nd April 2012

Hybrid Pixel Detectors for particles detection

04th February 2014

The meaning of discovery made by Czochralski and the future of Graphene

9th February 2014

Radiation Hard Detectors – Czochralski Silicon vs Float Zone Silicon.

04th April 2014

Status of the Optical Fibre Communication Sector

9th September 2014

Machines, Projects and Experiments operating at CERN

16th January 2017

Scaled CMOS Technology

23rd March 2016

Optical fiber communication over electrical cable transmission

4th January 2016

Faster and faster. How communication has evolved over the years!!

12nd Apr 2018

Prescriptions for the outdoor installations of buried optical fibre

22nd Jul 2017

Particle accelerator gets wired up

22nd Dec 2020

CPUs and Memories: the new technology for transistors that will shape our future

25th April 2012

The Straggling function. Energy Loss Distribution of charged particles in silicon layers